DWI Prevention

  • Drinking and driving impacts us all, even if you were not involved in the accident. The social, emotional, and economic impact is far reaching!

    Alcohol-related crashes in North Carolina cost the public an estimated $3.8 billion in 1999, including $1.7 billion in monetary costs and almost $2.1 billion in quality of life losses. People other than the drinking driver paid $2.3 billion of the alcohol-related crash bill.

    Dare Coalition Against Substance

    Abuse (Dare CASA) has been selected by the state to manage this project for Dare County. The project will focus on developing and implementing effective and culturally appropriate evidence based prevention strategies for reducing alcohol-related crashes and deaths – all aimed at combating the issue at the community level.

    When you drink and drive in North Carolina, you risk your freedom, finances and your future. A driving-while-impaired conviction is a financial wrecking ball. A typical DWI costs about $10,000 (or more) by the time you pay bail, fines, fees and insurance, even if you didn’t hit anything or hurt anyone. Think about this: that $10,000 dollar ride home is equivalent to over 5,500 miles in a cab. Often times, the social cost and stigma associated with a DWI are just as painful as the financial burden.

    Our community is negatively impacted by drinking and driving. Dare CASA’s goal is to provide awareness, education, and community prevention efforts in order to reduce alcohol-related crashes and fatalities, and ultimately create a safer community.